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Chicago SEO Firm

There are millions of websites competing to be found. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. Integraphix, a leading SEO Firm in Chicago, utilizes ethical, organic SEO strategies to develop top ranking websites for any industry. Whether you are selling a product nationally or promoting a local service, search engine optimization, when done correctly, is a proven method for generating new clients and leads.

Internal Optimization Strategy

Internal search engine optimization (SEO) is the first step in getting your website optimized. SEO is most effectively implemented when it is considered before the website is coded. Adding SEO after the fact takes significant time and can often require recoding large portions of a website design. As a result, it is best to consider SEO before design even begins.

We start by evaluating your current website (if applicable) and the websites of your competition. An in-depth competitive analysis allows us to identify the most relevant and frequently searched keywords for your industry, and then a strategy is implemented to outrank your competition.

Integraphix will do the research to create and manage the most cost effective and results driven Internet Marketing campaign. We use a variety of SEO strategies to avoid penalties by popular search engines, such as Google. Google penalties, or SEO blacklisting, happens when an SEO company does not use enough variety in their SEO efforts.

External Optimization Strategy

External SEO is the largest portion of SEO that includes Social Media Marketing, Back-linking, and a Company blog. Since Search Engines thrive on constant content, we excel in making your website constantly relevant with a company blog. We also build up a presence for your company outside of your website using our targeted back link strategy that we customize for your business as well as identifying sites from where your company can acquire quality back links. The SEO Specialists at Integraphix have developed a list of powerful websites that will help your website grow in popularity and show up more often in Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches. The external SEO process is continuous and becomes streamlined the more time is put into the process.

External SEO strategy is an ever changing and re-evaluation process to maintain the top position on Google as your target audience uses different terms in search, as competitors change their websites, as consumer search trends change, and as search engines change their algorithms. If you want your website found online, contact us today for a free SEO Analysis and Marketing Consultation.

SEO Copy-writing

SEO copy-writing is the rewriting the content on your site in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly while remaining appealing to the reader. Keywords relevant to your custom website are optimized so that your site ranks high when search engines crawl your site. We direct targeted traffic to your custom website, ensure they are provided with the specific information and hence increase sales for you.

Our SEO copywriting services include modifying your website’s internal code including WC3 Standards, HTML, and internal tags, as well as visual changes including text, images and other visual elements. Some pages may only require a small amount of editing or none at all, whereas others may need a more extensive rewrite.

SEO Content Editing

Exciting, accurate content is what helps you sell. Optimized content is what gets you found. Without relevant, keyword optimized content, Google cannot index your website correctly and no matter how much Organic SEO you’ve developed, your website will not show up in relevant keyword searches. Integraphix’ writers excel in writing content that not only brings the visitor to your website, but keeps them there long enough to close the deal with just the right words and phrases. Let Integraphix offers SEO content editing services if you choose to write your own content. We will take your written content and optimize it for keyword inclusion and phrasing which is a cost-effective way to write content for your website optimization process.

Tight accurate copy is what helps you to sell. You can get the prospect to your site with good SEO technique, but you can keep them long enough to close the sale with just the right words and phrases. Let us help you polish and taper your words so they hold the reader’s attention and say exactly what you want them to with nothing extra.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Integraphix uses social media marketing in conjunction with SEO to generate buzz, and create a real social presence online via social media for our clients. While other marketing firms may offer small elements of the social realm, our talented team are dedicated to the interactive and social media markets including FacebookTwitter and Customized Blogging Platforms.

If you’re looking for a way to build your company’s online presence with a proven marketing company, then start by familiarizing yourself with our list of services. A top marketing company is the best choice for ensuring that your social media marketing efforts are engaging, strategically sound, and produce the kind of results that are in line with your company and business objectives.

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